10 behind-the-scenes facts about the suicide squad

The suicide squad May not have performed as expected at the box office, but it is the most talked about movie among DCEU fans. The film became an instant classic for its R-rated violence, risk-taking, and transformation from unknown comic book characters into fan favorites.

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However, that doesn’t mean there weren’t any complications. There were a few slowdowns along the way, as a lot of people were concerned about the idea of ​​making an R-rated superhero movie with a cast of unknown characters. Between Warner Bros. wanting a PG-13 rating, Joel Kinnaman’s scheduling conflicts and difficulties with King Shark’s design, The suicide squad experienced a fascinating evolution.

ten King Shark was the most difficult CGI character to create

The King Shark Suicide Squad

King Shark is one of many examples of James Gunn subverting expectations, as the character in the comics and even the Arrowverse is a man-shark hybrid and is much more detailed. The design of King Shark is rather simple, with its rounded shape and fair skin, and it even looks like it could be a blank canvas. That’s why it’s so surprising that he’s the most difficult character to create. But on closer inspection, King Shark is incredibly detailed.

Although he is one of the funniest characters in The suicide squad, King Shark almost did not appear in the film. According to Gunn himself, he struggled to make the shark skin look real. The biggest hurdle was the shark’s belly, as it apparently looked too white, and the only way the designers pulled out of his look is to pull the character apart and put him back in place.

9 Warner Bros. wanted the movie to be PG-13

An image of King Shark eating someone in The Suicide Squad

One of the biggest attractions of The suicide squad is the fact that it’s R-rated. And although Warner Bros. respectfully pushes the PG-13 rating as far as it can go with their DCEU films, it’s just not the same as a hard R.

The suicide squad is full of creative killings, with Corto Maltese’s army having its limbs ripped off in the most visceral way imaginable. But that was almost not the case, as Warner Bros. had asked Gunn to make a PG-13 movie. But luckily, an R rating wasn’t negotiable when it came to the compromises Gunn had to make with the studio. And it worked for the best, as the raw visuals are stunning in the strangest way possible.

8 Warner Bros. gave Gunn fewer studio ratings than Marvel

Harley Quinn and her crew storm the rain with guns in tow in The Suicide Squad

When it comes to making films with huge budgets, there will always be notes passed down to the director from the studio executives. And it’s even more predictable when the film in question is part of a big series, because it has to fit into a cinematic universe like a piece of a puzzle.

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But Gunn expressed that although he received studio notes, Warner Bros. did not particularly care to follow them. The director went on to explain that Marvel gives more ratings than DC. However, Gunn is a good player, as he admits that he will always take the notes on board, which is probably why he’s such a in-demand director.

7 The villain was originally going to be Superman

Superman smiles at Batman

Overloading film with villains was one of the The suicide squad inevitable mistakes. Between Amanda Waller, the Thinker, Starro, and Peacemaker, the movie almost had more villains than heroes. But that wasn’t always going to be the case, as the original plan was to pit the Suicide Squad against the Man of Steel.

The idea didn’t go very far in development, but it would’ve been a completely different movie, and it would’ve been Superman’s best use in the DCEU. The end result isn’t completely absent from any mention of Superman, as the reason Bloodsport is locked up is because he put Superman in the hospital. This has the potential to be portrayed onscreen in a future film.

6 Rick Flag was almost out of the movie

Rick Flag argues with Peacemaker in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad

At one point during the film’s development, Gunn considered writing Rick Flag out of the film. It wasn’t because he wanted to replace him with another character, which he did with much of the original cast of Suicide Squad, but it was much simpler.

This was mainly because there were conflicts with actor Joel Kinnaman’s schedule. As the actor also stars in the AppleTV + series For all mankind, it seemed impossible for Kinnaman to be in Atlanta to shoot the movie. Kinnaman said it was his agent and managers who settled the sticky situation, and it is fortunate that they did, as Flag has an important role in the film and is the bravest character in the film. Suicide Squad.

5 Idris Elba shot part of the film

Idris Elba as Bloodsport, Steve Agee and Sylvester Stallone as King Shark, The Suicide Squad

Idris Elba is best known for starring in huge blockbuster movies, but he’s also a director. The actor directed the British crime drama Yard, and although this is his directorial debut, he hasn’t achieved anything since.

However, Elba was involved in the filming of some of the The suicide squad. He used the specially designed Nano platform to shoot Sebastian the rat in the first prison scene. It’s unclear what part of the scene Elba shot, but if Sebastian’s shot in the movie is what Elba shot, the actor would make a great cinematographer.

4 Gunn didn’t know Birds of Prey while writing Suicide Squad

Harley walks away from an explosion in Birds of Prey

While writing the screenplay for the Suicide Squad sequel, Gunn had no idea of ​​the production of Birds of prey. One of Gunn’s biggest challenges when navigating the storyline was how Harley would end her relationship with Joker. However, what he did not know was the authors of Birds of prey had already done so.

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The suicide squad briefly addresses this scenario as he sees Harley briefly get engaged to Silvio Luna. Her relationship with dictator Corto Maltese does exactly what Gunn wanted, as it expertly shows how Harley isn’t dependent on men.

3 Flula Borg has undergone a major transformation

Suicide Squad Flula Borg Javelin

Flula Borg is one of those actors who may not be world famous, but who is recognizable by many, as he apparently appears in every TV show and in every movie in theaters (including Perfect location 2). In the movie, Borg plays Javelin, and he has biceps that almost rival John Cena’s.

It was a major transformation, as Borg wasn’t so muscular before he started training. Sadly, Borg didn’t have a lot of screen time as he was killed off quite early in the movie.

2 It originally had a darker ending

Ratcatcher 2 kisses King Shark in The Suicide Squad.

One of the main reasons why The suicide squad has been praised endlessly, that’s because there’s a surprising amount of heart in the movie.

The film’s ending is even uplifting and upbeat, as The suicide squad ended with new friendships, but that wasn’t always the case. Gunn confessed that the film originally had a darker ending, and while he never went into detail exactly what that ending was, it’s fun to imagine which depraved direction the filmmaker went.

1 Taika Waititi almost had a different role

Ratcatcher 2 remembers his father in The Suicide Squad

Taika Waititi is one of the most sought-after writer-directors in Hollywood right now, but it looks like he’s a much-requested actor too. In the film, the New Zealand jack-of-all-trades plays Ratcatcher, the father of Ratcatcher 2. It’s a small but important role, but Gunn originally had much more ambitious plans for Waititi.

Gunn explained that Waititi was not available for a bigger role due to his work on developing a live-action adaptation of Akira. While he doesn’t say exactly what role it was, the possibilities are endless and he could very well have been a member of Task Force X.

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