Separated state: BJP ally Tripura reaches out to Debbarman-led outfit

LOOKING AT political marginalization, IPFT, a constituent of the BJP-led government in Tripura, reached out to the TIPRA Motha alliance led by Pradyot Kishore Debbarman, seeking to revive the demand for a separate state to “protect the indigenous rights ”.

The move precedes TIPRA Motha’s planned three-day protest later this month involving more than 1,000 Jantar Mantar supporters and workers at the demand of a “Grand Tipraland”. The two parties had joined hands ahead of the Autonomous District Council of Tribal Areas (TTADC) elections in April this year, but the IPFT ultimately went alone and went blank, while TIPRA Motha won 18 of the 28 seats, and the new BJP.

Since then, TIPRA Motha has rapidly expanded its base, with dozens of IPFT supporters and leaders, including one of its MPs, joining it. Almost two-thirds of the state’s territory falls under the TTADC, which is home to the majority of the state’s indigenous communities which make up about 30 percent of its total population.

On Saturday, IPFT and TIPRA Motha (Tipraha Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance) held talks on a draft joint movement committee for a “full state (Tipraland) and NRC demand to protect the indigenous indigenous people of Tripura. “.

The meeting was attended by Debbarman and IPFT General Secretary Mevar Kumar Jamatia, who is Minister of the government led by the BJP. Debbarman said he was moving cautiously on the IPFT proposal because of its “past”.

Debbarman said Indian express Sunday that he “specified to the IPFT” that a common movement on demand cannot be compromised.


Old demand, new push

BEFORE the State Assembly elections in 2023, the controversial issue of a separate state once again takes center stage in Tripura. While the demand is not new, the rapid rise of TIPRA Motha, led by Pradyot Debbarman, has sparked a disruption in state politics, especially among parties and forums representing indigenous communities.

“They (IPFT) will have to give us in writing that they will not compromise on the demand for a separate state, for a constitutional solution. They should not be part of any alliance where the other partner does not support such a request, ”said Debbarman. “IPFT will need to clarify its position on these terms and conditions that we have set. The movement cannot be stopped simply on the assurance of a few seats for parties like the BJP or vague promises of financial packages for the development of indigenous communities.

He said a train had been booked to bring more than 1,000 TIPRA Motha supporters and workers to Delhi for the protests, including cultural events. “The protests… are scheduled to start on October 28,” Debbarman said.

The two sides are also trying to reach a consensus on the submission of a joint memorandum to the Union’s interior minister, Amit Shah.

IPFT General Secretary Jamatia told reporters: “The terms and references of the joint committee of the movement will be worked out over the next two or three days. We will also be submitting a memorandum regarding our request for statehood to the Center this month. “

In the 2018 state polls, the IPFT, then spearheading the demand for a separate state, won eight seats, and the BJP 36.

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